Wow, Opera 48 converts units, time zones and currencies on text selection. That’s really awesome.

SomeWebExtensionsattemptsimilar things but as there’s no native select popover thingy in Firefox, they either add a context menu item (okay) or just edit text inline (please don’t). At least they don’t inject custom UI into the page.

Mozilla finally approved Transmitter! Finally!

If that's the new "streamlined review process" I can't imagine how slow the old one was. Although I definitely got into the big initial wave of everyone publishing WebExtensions…
GitHub Gist logo with all round curves displaying as straight angles

Some time ago, Firefox Nightly on Windows displayed SVGs in a… strange way :D

I made a WebExtension! It’s called Transmitter for Transmission. It lets me add torrents to the transmission-daemon instance running on my home server. And watch their status. I think Transmission actually allows you to expose the remote API in desktop versions as well.

tl;dr on WebExtensions: it’s Chrome’s extension API, but with Promises and it’s a W3C standard. Fully supported in Firefox. Chrome/Opera need a tiny polyfill for the Promise support. MS Edge can be supported too.

Publishing experience: Chrome’s store asks for $5 to get your stuff published (one time payment for up to 20 extensions) and there’s no pre-moderation. Addons.Mozilla is pre-moderated but the extension shows up on its URL before approval. Opera is pre-moderated and the extension doesn’t show up before it’s moderated.

Wow, so Firefox on all platforms supports SVG in OpenTypesince October 2014 even! And finally there’s a color emoji font using this. Yes, color emoji in Firefox on UNIX :-)

Note: you should set your GTK font to your preferred font, not “sans-serif”.

TIL: Firefox still doesn’t enable hardware accelerated rendering on X11 by default!

Go to about:support and look at GPU Accelerated Windows to check. about:config: layers.acceleration.force-enabled=true, gfx.xrender.enabled=false.

I made a little thing: FoxShare – use the Firefox Share button for all the things.