Noticed a worrying trend in web server libraries: lack of first-class support for running on Unix domain sockets and on user-supplied sockets of any kind. Sometimes it needs third party libraries with over 200 lines of code… but Erlang didn’t have native support for unix sockets until 2015!

In 2017, let’s make sure all web app stacks support opening Unix sockets, running on already opened sockets, socket activation and graceful shutdown! I made a thing that uses that kind of stuff and the only server that was completely ready out of the box was Ruby’s Puma.

Facepalm of the day: “why does my new Xen VPS boot FreeBSD that’s installed via the provider’s console, but when I install it myself, it doesn’t boot?”

Of course, I forgot about console="comconsole". It was booting, just not showing anything on the Xen console.

Wow – looks like GNU Social has actual webmention + microformats2 integration… but it’s not enabled by default and no instance admins bothered to enable it. Fail.

On a more positive note, runs on FreeBSD :)

Wow, a researcher from a German university sent me a survey about copying code from Stack Overflow — and not just randomly! Because they found a snippet in one of my repos.

So, SO answers are CC BY-SA licensed, which is terrible (you basically aren’t supposed to use it in BSD/MIT/ISC or CC0/Unlicense/WTFPL code!)

But that particular project was GPL licensed, which is compatible with Share Alike! And that’s particularly amazing — most of my projects are under Unlicense or ISC. I just decided to use the GPL for that one because it was an Android GUI app.