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Hi, I'm Greg, and this is my personal website where I post notes from my adventures in taming computers and software, among other things.

You can interact with posts on this website using your own website, if you set up IndieWeb things on it! (More specifically, sending Webmentions from h-entry formatted post pages.)

Current posts

Website redesign is live! Don’t have a good homepage yet but really liking how the post view looks now. Plus /photos is a gallery view now.

Very weird Vulkan problem likely nobody else would ever encounter: way back in the day Mesa wrongly installed ICD definitions for i386 too on amd64, e.g. $PREFIX/share/vulkan/icd.d/radeon_icd.i386.json. I’ve installed Mesa manually, and never cleaned them up, so I’ve had these files with last modified date in 2017. They didn’t really cause any problems (well, other than duplicating the GPU in device lists)… until I ran the Vulkano test suite which would run GetPhysicalDeviceFeatures2 on all devices. For whatever reason, it would get a null pointer for that function on the second (described-by-i386-file) device and explode.

OpenPAM has some very strange behavior for chauthtok since 2007 and I just hit that. Why… would you just completely change the semantics of sufficient for the preliminary check thing?! This literally only seems to accomplish one thing: breaking password changes for additional password sources (that are not the last one).

The micropub backend I mentioned previously is real now! Completely undocumented right now, I’ll need to work on that next. But hey, look, I’m posting from Quill to this now-static site.

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