Moving VMs from VirtualBox to Client Hyper-V

I've decided to move the VMs on my desktop from VirtualBox to Microsoft Hyper-V. Because reasons.

Actually because I've upgraded my desktop to an AMD Ryzen CPU: first, AMD-V/SVM is not supported by the Intel HAXM thing from the Android SDK, so I wanted to try out Microsoft's Hyper-V based Android "emulator" (VM configurator/runner thingy) instead. Second, giving 16 virtual CPUs on an SMT 8-core to a FreeBSD guest in VirtualBox results in a weird performance issue. (Though giving 4 vCPUs to multiple VMs on a 4-core CPU worked fine.) Third, it's Oracle VM VirtualBox and …

FreeBSD on the ThinkPad X240

So, I bought a laptop to run FreeBSD.

I was going to get a C720 Chromebook, but I got a good deal for an X240. Yeah, yeah, a laptop from the preinstalled-insecure-adware company, whatever. Anyway, it’s a ThinkPad, so it feels very solid, has an excellent keyboard and good free software support.

So, let’s get FreeBSD running!


I’ve replaced the stock HDD with an SSD, compiled the drm-i915-update-38 branch of FreeBSD on a different machine, wrote the memstick image to an old USB flash drive, booted it and installed FreeBSD on the ThinkPad.