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Finally had the first failure of my Prusa Mini #3DPrinter. I was changing the filament and it got stuck on its way out, and then I snapped it trying to pull it out. Seven months is a pretty good run for zero maintenance though!

Isn’t maintenance half the fun with FDM printers? Well, I suppose I’m thinking of “modding” rather than “maintenance” heh

In reply to Marcus Downing says: 2019-06-03 at 11:22“Flags are … not for representing languages.”While I don’t deny the truth of this, the reason it keeps coming up is that it’s only half the answer. The other half is: What should we be using to represent languages? W…

My favorite is the “half US half UK” flag for English :D

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I used to host OpenSMTPD + rspamd + Dovecot, but I really don’t have the energy to be a sysadmin soooo.. I’m just using Migadu now.

And these pre-made docker images and other “mail in a box” solutions don’t really let you not be a sysadmin, they only do the setup (which I can do on my own, thanks) but they can’t do backup, monitoring, they won’t investigate mail not going through, they won’t solve running out of disk space…

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So the mentions should show up? But the page still says..

I have decided to remove the comments from this blog

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Just trimmed my site's build/test/deploy pipeline's lifecycle from 10 minutes to about 5 minutes. A fair saving but still not as speedy as I want. My next job is to see whether I can cache the images on my own infra running a GitLab-runner, but I seem to be having some difficulty getting it running with a Unix file socket rather than a TCP socket - a shame because in the past the GitLab-runner has worked literally out of the box

When my website had a “deployment” time measured in minutes, I was so unhappy, so unmotivated to work on it.. Now (after the Elixir rewrite) I just have a text editor and REPL open on the server. Edit, save, run recompile in the REPL, changes are live. As quick as the “good” old days of PHP :D

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Some more info on OAuth 2.1 from the @oktadev blog: OAuth 2.1: How many RFCs does it take to change a light bulb? https://developer.okta.com/blog/2019/12/13/oauth-2-1-how-many-rfcs

How are the new OAuth2 things going to impact IndieAuth if at all?

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Did somebody invent a play by #webmention #game like #indieweb chess? If not, I want to be the first one to implement it! Markup: p-chess-move - a move in some sort of a universally accepted notation. And a service you can mention so it’ll record the game and check rules.

haha back in the day on App.net (RIP) there was chess via posts.. (source of that app is actually open)

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huh, the spec is rather weak about this:

Processing Webmentions SHOULD be idempotent.

IMO this really, really MUST be a MUST.

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I might end up rewriting Koype in JavaScript, lol. I feel like I isolated myself by using Elixir. But that’ll mean I’m changing not being of language difficulties (I haven’t had any tbh) but to encourage adoption.

me and https://wwwtech.de also have sites written in Elixir. I actually rewrote from Haskell+Node.js+Postgres to Elixir (with Mnesia as DB) :D

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test post

test reply

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i wonder if this works…

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C++20 has support for modules?!?! Like on some: import hello; int main() { hello::say("hello module!"); return 0; } jazz?! This is actually amazing!

The module proposal(s) was(were) quite the disaster a couple years ago, I wonder how much better it is now…

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Working on connecting Mastodon with the #IndieWeb! https://fed.brid.gy/ https://snarfed.org/indieweb-ostatus-bridge


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Also, your testing tool link gives me an empty JSON dict

whoops!! My content processing code is URL-escaping a link that already has a URL-escaped parameter :D

UPD: actually, it’s the markdown library!

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You don't seem to have author markup that Monocle can show (may be a Monocle bug). And you don't seem to have an avatar anymore 😢

hm, the testing tool can find the h-card.

I didn’t have it for a brief period right after deploying the new engine, maybe monocle cached its absence? (o_0) or it doesn’t support that way of finding the card (would be odd)

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hmm, but https://indieweb.org/repost very much says “retweet from your own site”, and the bookmark page says you should only use bookmark when not reposting content.

Looks like bookmark works better for long articles, but repost for short, tweet-like notes.