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Screenshot of file upload UI: 4 icons in first row, 2 in second, 1 in third

What’s going on with this piece of Android UI. Why are the icons arranged diagonally?? Why.

Postgres documentation example mentioning some values: 1, true, [2, full-of-shit]

tfw you forget you’ve installed a browser addon called “falsehoods to bullshit”

GitHub Gist logo with all round curves displaying as straight angles

Some time ago, Firefox Nightly on Windows displayed SVGs in a… strange way :D

It's terrible hot take time:

React is capitalist. Since it's been ported to many platforms (browsers, node.js, iOS, Android, now even Sketch) it is designed to let businesses reach customers on all platforms with less development effort, instead of hand-crafting apps that care about each individual platform's users. And there's a sort of lock-in, you're not a web/iOS/Android developer, you're a React developer. That's kinda like businesses trying to lock you in to their ecosystems (Apple, Microsoft).

In contrast, Polymer is good and communist fully embraces the web as the only platform, which is good for the open web.

Saw a Twitter ad (okay “promoted tweet”) for Google AdWords. We’ve reached peak meta-advertising.

why does android correct “thad” to “Thad” instead of “that”. who the hell is Thad

Just experienced the most ridiculous Android FAIL ever.

You know the PIN entry screen on boot, for unlocking disk encryption, right? I rebooted my phone and… the bottom row of the PIN keyboard — the one with the “OK” button — was not usable! Touching anywhere on the bottom row instead was opening the notification center (!!!) which was only visible through a small frame at the top of the screen, same height as the top bar usually is. The unlock icon was also visible on the top of the keyboard.

I took screenshots but they weren’t saved :D I guess it just showed the screenshot animation but couldn’t save it anywhere because of the disk encryption.

After creating a twitter bot that generates funny templated text about cloud stuff, Hacker News headlines don’t seem real anymore. Especially things like “Remap the Kernel” :D My brain just imagines how the sentence was generated from the “#verb# the #noun#” template.

Somehow I missed this: generated fake git manpages. “git-channel-head channels any unstaged heads from a few quiltimported non-added applied remotes, and the cleaned stashes that were previously imported inside the staged tags are exported to a passive archive.”

Find-and-replace mistake I almost committed to Sweetroll: “category” → “dataegory” :D