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Tag #matrix

Running the Synapse Matrix homeserver is so bad right now because of #1760. Ruma is far from working federation… I should've just signed up for matrix.org :D

Quake Champions is awesome (as in the gameplay β€” performance is meh).

Amazon Web Services is not awesome: it wasn't really obvious that promotional credits aren't spent on reserved EC2 instances :( Also HardenedBSD was behaving weird on it (secadm kernel panic, Python libssl segfaults).

But with regular FreeBSD I've set up a Matrix homeserver (Synapse) on EC2! I am now @greg:unrelenting.technology :) It's working as my new IRC bouncer, so with that I've been able to say goodbye to the previous VPS that served this website (which was still running my ZNC).

The Telegram Bot API is the best bot API ever. Everyone should learn from it, especially Matrix.org, which currently requires a particular URL structure and registration files.