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Tag #Notes

Back in the mid-2000s, people worked on writing operating systems in Haskell! Even with GUIs.

There’s also a Squeak/Pharo Smalltalk on bare x86 project, last updated in 2011.

I guess all we have now is Redox. I hope it will become a truly successful operating system not written in C.

The default build options for Blender in FreeBSD are weird. CYCLES=offβ€½ FFMPEG=offβ€½ COLLADA=offβ€½ CAMERATRACK=offβ€½ Why. Another package to compile instead of pkg installing…

By the way, only recently I’ve learned that Blender is the FOSS answer to not only 3ds max + V-Ray, but also Premiere/Final Cut and After Effects/Motion. (Damn, that makes so much sense! If you have a 3D animation editor, if you put video into it, it becomes a video editor!)

The sequence editor looks like old Final Cut, not new Final Cut… But it’s Blender. The program that shows Python code in UI elements’ tooltips to show how to do the same things programmatically. I guess I should be able to make a plugin that makes the timeline magnetic, if such a plugin doesn’t exist yet.

Oh also this video series is sooooo pretty