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Just got a WhatsApp notification through GmsCore and replied to it from a Pebble using Gadgetbridge. Android without Google apps works very well!

Wow, the new Pebble kickstarter is, once again, amazing. Larger screens on watches and a โ€œtiny, unlocked Android 5.0 computerโ€ with Wi-Fi and 3G, soโ€ฆ maybe the dream external modem? (As in, external modem + โ€œsmartphoneโ€ without the phone part, because embedded mobile modems are scary from a security perspective)

Pebbleโ€™s online color picker for developers looks amazing. I want to steal that SVG to add a color picker to my watchfaceโ€˜s new shiny Polymer-based settings app :D But I probably shouldnโ€™t.

Facepalm of the day: I didnโ€™t realize Pebbleโ€™s TextLayer could do word wrap, spent an hour writing a function to split strings without breaking UTF-8 sequences.