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Tag #vim

I accidentally Neovim+Haskell development tools. Extremely fast omnicomplete, go to definition, show type, etc., directly from the GHCi process you’re (hopefully) already using.

After watching a talk about text editors, I have the weirdest idea for a vim plugin: a DOS-style function key bar (like F1 Open F2 Save F3 Undo…) where each label is a :Command and the bar is editable like in acme.

Wow, turns out vim-gitgutter is super useful. Not because of the gutter, but because of staging and reverting hunks directly in Vim.

In other Vim news: fzf demonstrates the idea of using an external fuzzy finder for opening files and searching across files in Vim. So I wrote a tiny script to do that in a simpler way and with any fuzzy finder program (I propose the $MENU environment variable to specify a preferred one.) But only with Neovim’s :terminal.