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Very weird Vulkan problem likely nobody else would ever encounter: way back in the day Mesa wrongly installed ICD definitions for i386 too on amd64, e.g. $PREFIX/share/vulkan/icd.d/radeon_icd.i386.json. Iโ€™ve installed Mesa manually, and never cleaned them up, so Iโ€™ve had these files with last modified date in 2017. They didnโ€™t really cause any problems (well, other than duplicating the GPU in device lists)โ€ฆ until I ran the Vulkano test suite which would run GetPhysicalDeviceFeatures2 on all devices. For whatever reason, it would get a null pointer for that function on the second (described-by-i386-file) device and explode.

Wow, interesting github thread: Mesa planning to reuse existing SPIR-V infrastructure to run OpenCL!