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9 years later, I'm blogging again 2 min read I started my first blog in 2005, only to suspend it in 2008. However, my urge to break the character and formatting limits of Twitter, Mastodon, and short-form status posts in general, has been growing for years now. So I think it's finally time to blog again. No 10-page thinkpieces, but slightly longer-form thoughts and ideas, plus maybe the occasional essay. Topics will mostly be decentralized (pardon the Zs) and federated Web an…

nice! I’ve been thinking about remoteStorage + IndieWeb… would be nice if remoteStorage got an option to use a link rel instead of WebFinger :)


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I'm not exactly sure what you mean, but any feedback, ideas, proposals are always appreciated, e.g. on https://community.remotestorage.io/ ! Would love to discuss how to integrate the two better.