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I might end up rewriting Koype in JavaScript, lol. I feel like I isolated myself by using Elixir. But that’ll mean I’m changing not being of language difficulties (I haven’t had any tbh) but to encourage adoption.

me and https://wwwtech.de also have sites written in Elixir. I actually rewrote from Haskell+Node.js+Postgres to Elixir (with Mnesia as DB) :D


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We’re definitely in the small group of Elixir people in the IndieWeb, lol. I’ve used Mnesia mainly as a caching layer and SQLite for database stuff. I’ve been working on a IndieWeb-specific library that relies on https://wwwtech.de’s Microformats2 library actually over at https://git.jacky.wtf/indieweb/elixir/! It has a hard dependency against master for https://wwwtech.de’s project so I can’t update it in Hex but it powers all of my projects (I have like about 4 concurrent IndieWeb projects?) right now.