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Just trimmed my site's build/test/deploy pipeline's lifecycle from 10 minutes to about 5 minutes. A fair saving but still not as speedy as I want. My next job is to see whether I can cache the images on my own infra running a GitLab-runner, but I seem to be having some difficulty getting it running with a Unix file socket rather than a TCP socket - a shame because in the past the GitLab-runner has worked literally out of the box

When my website had a β€œdeployment” time measured in minutes, I was so unhappy, so unmotivated to work on it.. Now (after the Elixir rewrite) I just have a text editor and REPL open on the server. Edit, save, run recompile in the REPL, changes are live. As quick as the β€œgood” old days of PHP :D


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