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Day 26: Tag tokens and publish date for Quill #100DaysOfIndieWeb

Last week, Barry Frost released Micropublish, a Micropub client written in Ruby. It's a very slick interface for posting a few kinds of posts. I noticed that his "category" field looked really nice, and discovered that he was using a Bootstrap plugin called "Token Field". Today I added this plugin to Quill, so now everywhere that you previously had to enter tags as comma-separated values, it's now using this "token field" UI.

I also added a new field to the editor to set the published date of posts.

All this does is include the date …

Released last week? Oh. I guess I’ve been using the “unreleased” version. Now it has edit/delete/undelete functionality! That’s very nice.

I kept the original version at for backwards compatibility for you. Does the new version work well for Sweetroll?

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