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Disappearing content makes me depressed

Recently I've noticed that all sorts of ephemeral content (that is gaining traction in the current world, sadly) - be it Instagram Stories (especially videos since they can't be just screenshoot), Snapchat messages (it's its selling point) or some weird stuff like MTS's "Доступ" ("Access") exhibit and its ads (about content with limited access that may disappear or something) littering the infospace and my VKontakte feed (the only service besides Instagram I still access directly rather than via my reader) clutters up my mind with anxiety. I like content. I like good content. But I'm anxious …

My "favorite" is when YouTube videos disappear. When Basho went out of business, they deleted their channel with all the conference talk recordings on it. I found my favorite talk on my hard drive, but I didn't archive anything else. Another example is #RightsRun the 24 hour Sonic 06 Twitch stream, of which only clips remain it seems :(

Now I youtube-dl whole channels.

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